Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doctor Horrible portrait series for Denver Comic Con!

I've finally finished the other two pieces for my Doctor Horrible series, that will be alongside my Marvel/Avengers paintings at my booth at Denver Comic Con. 

First, and among everyone's favorites that have seen it so far (cause her hair is so coppery, I think), is Felicia Day as Penny, the only actually altruistic hero of the story.  http://feliciaday.com

Next is the always cheesy-on-the-outside Captain Hammer, played by the One True Captain, Nathan Fillion.  The hammer isn't his fists.

Last (but actually first) is Doctor Horrible himself.  I painted this one about three years ago, and it's always been one of my personal favorites - so I'm happy that I finally created him some friends and nemeses to keep him company.

Purchase or download the excellent superhero musical extravaganza here http://drhorrible.com/ or find it out there on the internets to watch if you must, it will be one of the more entertaining 45 minutes you'll ever spend. 

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